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At a very young age, my family left behind our homeland in the Philippines to build a new life in the United States. As an immigrant, I've learned the true essence of resilience and the capacity of the human heart to love and adapt, all of which is the center of my work.

For more than three decades, my journey in the non-profit sector has been a heartfelt dedication. I started by supporting youth and families in under-resourced communities, and now I contribute to an organization that drives cultural strategy and fosters a movement for change. Alongside this, being a certified leadership and liberatory coach reflects my commitment to nurturing the personal growth of leaders and people.

I am a cisgender woman who identifies in many ways including being a devoted partner, a nurturing mom to a brilliant human, and a previous compassionate caregiver to the sweetest one-eyed, blind, and deaf pug. I am also a cherished daughter, a supportive sister, and a loving aunt.

I love being creative. I enjoy reading, knitting, making jewelry, and cooking. The beach is my grounding place, where I love to feel the sun on my face and relax to a good book.

What is the meaning of

“Inner Heartsong?”

"Inner heartsong" refers to the deeply personal and emotional core of a person’s being.

It represents the most authentic and true expression of one's feelings, desires, and inner self. It is a unique melody or beat that resonates within an individual's heart and soul, reflecting their most profound emotions, values, and personal essence.

Your inner heartsong is what makes you who you are, and it encompasses your passions, dreams, and the things that truly matter to you. It's the inner voice that guides you, the source of inspiration that fuels your actions, and the beat of your soul from which your creativity and authenticity flow.

Finding and nurturing your inner heartsong is a journey of self-discovery, and it can be a powerful force in guiding your life choices, helping you connect with your passions, allow you to acheiving your goals, and/or become an authentic leader.


Your "inner heartsong" in the context of leadership refers to your core values, passions, and purpose. When you lead from a place that aligns with your authentic self and values, you're more likely to inspire and motivate others. Here's how your inner heartsong connects with leadership:

Authenticity: Your inner heartsong reflects your true self. Authentic leaders are genuine and transparent, which fosters trust and respect among team members.

Passion: Your heartsong embodies what drives you, what you're passionate about. When you lead with passion, you ignite enthusiasm and dedication in others, making them more likely to follow your lead.

Purpose: Your heartsong often resonates with a deeper purpose or mission. When you lead with a clear sense of purpose, you provide direction and meaning to your team, guiding them toward shared goals and collaboration.

Resilience: Your inner heartsong can sustain you through challenges and setbacks. Leaders who are connected to their heartsong are often more resilient, able to persevere in the face of adversity and inspire others to do the same.

Inspiration: Your heartsong has the power to inspire others. When you lead with authenticity, passion, and purpose, you inspire those around you to tap into their own potential and contribute their best efforts to the collective vision.

In essence, your inner heartsong serves as a guiding light in leadership, grounding you in your values and guiding your actions in a way that inspires and uplifts others.

My Approach to Coaching

All the Answers You Need Lie Within You

Within you resides a wealth of wisdom. Your inner truths, values and experiences serve as the guide, leading you toward your goals and fulfillment. Coaching acts as the key, and through the use of power/transformational questions, together we will unlock the wisdom within you.

Aligning Your Values and Purpose with Your Goals

By aligning your purpose and values with your aspirations/goals, you create a path that is authentically you. Together, we will reconnect with your purpose and values.

Your Body Holds a Lot of Wisdom

We have learned to not listen to bodies. It can tell us a lot, such our tensions and when things feel right or not. Listening to your body can lead toward healing and/or insight, unveiling a path toward your goals. We will explore your feelings, where your body holds them, and what they might be telling you.

Certified Through Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation



Wendy has been an invaluable source of support. Her guidance and coaching have not only helped me refine my leadership skills like communication and strategic thinking but have also allowed me to grow professionally and personally.

Non -Profit Staff, Youth Development

Thanks to Wendy, I've not only grown as a leader but have also become more emotionally resilient and well-rounded in my leadership approach. Her coaching has been instrumental in my professional journey.

Non -Profit Executive, Foundation

I've gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and discovered those hidden blind spots. Her coaching has helped me to discover invaluable tools to effectively manage the demands of my position, including stress and work-life balance, which are important for executives like myself.

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Fees are based on an equity scale, which will agree upon at our consultation session.


Everyone should have access to coaching. I have a system in place where we can have an exchange or barter for sessions, which we can discuss in our consultation session.

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